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Growing Pains

At some point, I feel like a fantasy was created that healing and growth had eternal ease and euphoria throughout the process. But growing pains are normal and natural.

Think about it - when you were a kid, you may have experienced the aches of the body when you experienced a growth spirt. Or if you have kids, you have seen the agony of a child's tooth trying to pop through the gums.

It ain't all pretty, joyful and easeful!

Even in work - any time you take on a new task or challenge yourself with a new project. There may be moments of enjoyment, and there may be growing pains. Once you have done it, that task will likely become a little easier the next time you do it, and the next... and the next one after that.

The first one is always toughest. So here is your gentle reminder not to run scared. Not to lose hope if you run into a roadblock in your project and feel stuck. Ask for help. Help can also come from your physical or your spiritual team. Follow the breadcrumbs. You never know what small push from another person can do to get the energy flowing again.

There will always be more to learn through each stage, but that first can be some of the stickiest in terms of growing pains. Try not to judge something based on the first time you do it... try it again to see if it's more enjoyable subsequent times around.

You got this.

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