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A Visit from the Lulls

As someone who has many ups and downs in their life and energy, I have started to refer to the "downs" in my life as "The Lulls."

The Lulls have arrived in my life for a visit. I know they are just passing through, but I never know how long they are going to stay. Is it just a pop in visit, or will they stay for a longer stint?

I get so impatient and frustrated with them when they are here. Why can't they just leave? They always bring gloom and darkness and know how to push all of my buttons.

Or perhaps a button was already pressed - like a silent alarm that called to them like a bat signal in the first place.

Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe I think that the Lulls are what cause the disruption and darkness, but perhaps they arrive because they know something is off and they are here to help and comfort me.

Perhaps they are trying to slow me down and get me to be still.

Perhaps they have a message for me.

Instead, I ignore them and try to rush them out of the house. That is likely the opposite of what they want. Perhaps that is precisely what makes them linger longer.

Lulls, I am here to listen. What do you have to tell me?

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