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My Mind's Gatekeeper

Today I met my mind's gatekeeper. I saw her open a door to my skull and all thoughts were released back to "the grid." It was beautiful. She told me that I am the one who has been keeping the door shut with all thoughts lingering inside my brain. She could open it for me at any time and the thoughts would clear back out to the grid whenever I would like.

I kept coming back to that visualization, and then a thought would creep back in and be in my brain room again. So I would open the door again.

At first, the gatekeeper said her role was, "doorman." As time passed, she made me realize there is no door... my mind has more of a mesh top spanning as a dome where my skull is. The thoughts don't need to go through a door, they can flow in and out from anywhere in my mind. Not that the thoughts can flow freely a they wish, but I can help select when to pull stuff down from the grid, and easily release those thoughts back out.

The scene looked like a mesh-top tent underneath the stars. The thoughts were like constellations in the night's sky, going back to their home when they are done in my mind. Only to be pulled down from the sky again when and if I need that information.

Thank you dear gatekeeper. With love and gratitude. Thank you for all that you do.

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